Tjenester 3


At Solberg Industri, we work actively to create an easier, better and more profitable everyday life for our conscious users of basic chemicals.

The recipe is a solution-oriented and flexible attitude to your challenges. We have a global network of chemical suppliers that we use actively to find good solutions. We can find alternative suppliers for the ones you use today.


Tank Terminal in Fredrikstad

We have systematically develop competence and experience to handle corrosive chemicals. Our Terminal is special design to handle corrosive chemicals. The production facility is very flexible, have a high performance and is under continues development in cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

We specialize in a variety of customized services, such as

  • Mixing of chemicals
  • Dilution of chemicals
  • Toll-filling (in the customer's packaging)
  • Toll-filling (private label)


Tank Terminal at Karmøy

Our Tank Terminal at Karmøy is specialize in deliveries of liquid and solid inorganic salts. The equipment can handle and store different type of salts in a flexible and efficient way.


Feel free to contact us to explore how we can help you with toll-filling and use of our tanks and storage facilities.